Sunday, October 31, 2010

Site Update: New comic page, About page image

-I have finished a NEW COMIC PAGE and added to the Gallery, please check it out!! Hopefully more should be coming out very shortly. Looks to be a continuing story! Also, I added a little flower as the placeholder image for when nothing is selected in the gallery, much better than the little white box before.

-The About page finally has an image as well. And after screwing with the code in a few places in both the About page and Gallery, I think, I finally have the site just about done! A big update to how the comics are set up might come in the future, but for now it stays as it is.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Site Update: Index, About Page, Back buttons

Some fairly important site updates!

-There is not an INDEX PAGE. Main.html will still work for a while, but the most updated version of the site's main page is now, as it should be,

-The ABOUT PAGE is now up! There's no image there yet, but I finally got around to changing the main page to index because I want the site to be a bit more "live" now, since I added the about page. It has contact info and boring stuff.

-Also minor update, I added a back button to the gallery page (and respectively, the about page).

Hopefully I won't be lazy and completely finish this stupid site soon. There''s a big update I'd like to make first, but it will involve a server change. Sigh.