Monday, March 28, 2011

Character Concept: Fiktor and Faktoid

As the image says! Wanted to make a writer and a robot team of characters based on the words "fact" and "fiction", and I think I am pleased with the result! Factoid might need a bit more work though. but who knows.

 (click for larger)
My process this time was pretty fun. I wanted to make a pencil-based character, not really knowing what I was I was going to do other than the name pun. Ended up a crow, who I gave a pencil-like shirt with a design. I then figured I could just make the legs function as the orange for the pencil, but a tan shirt still wasn't coming together well. Finally I remembered that skin is tan like a pencil too! I also remembered how some birds will pick all the feathers off of their bodies under stress, and thus Fiktor's final design was accomplished! Adding an eraser-like robot was the easy part, then.

I still do not know why there is a 2 written there. Other than for design purposes, that is. Maybe he scrawled it onto his leg in a daze of midnight deadline-meeting.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Character Concept: Bluebelle, and Site Update!

Bluebelle: She is a pretty little sheep who is just the cutest thing! She's just oh so clumsy, and always forgets to bring money to the bar and club... teehee, oops! Eh, what was that gruff tone just now? Probably nothing!
Also, Site Update! New image in the gallery section. More specifically, a better image of Spookmark.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Character concept: Spookmark

A character design/idea I thought of last night and had to (sloppily) doodle in paint. Really I am more proud of the idea and design rather than worried about picture quality, haha.

Spookmark: It's a cat-like bookmark ghost. Not so much a ghost of any living thing, but more of a apparition resulting from the bookmarked place held in someone's book, unfinished, before they died. It is always searching for the spirit of it's reader to finish the book. It only speaks in unfinished sentences. Very friendly, but don't entrust it to get something finished!
(I say "it" because it has no gender, being a ghost of an idea/situation/object)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Site Update and concept doodles

New illustration added to the Gallery section of the website!

Also, here's a random doodlepage I did, with concepts for the mole character, Sheriff Sharp-Star. I got a nice design for him pretty quickly, so there was only minor changes before his final design. His mole gun, however, took a lot more work.