Monday, March 28, 2011

Character Concept: Fiktor and Faktoid

As the image says! Wanted to make a writer and a robot team of characters based on the words "fact" and "fiction", and I think I am pleased with the result! Factoid might need a bit more work though. but who knows.

 (click for larger)
My process this time was pretty fun. I wanted to make a pencil-based character, not really knowing what I was I was going to do other than the name pun. Ended up a crow, who I gave a pencil-like shirt with a design. I then figured I could just make the legs function as the orange for the pencil, but a tan shirt still wasn't coming together well. Finally I remembered that skin is tan like a pencil too! I also remembered how some birds will pick all the feathers off of their bodies under stress, and thus Fiktor's final design was accomplished! Adding an eraser-like robot was the easy part, then.

I still do not know why there is a 2 written there. Other than for design purposes, that is. Maybe he scrawled it onto his leg in a daze of midnight deadline-meeting.

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