Friday, December 2, 2011

Some random characters, and Hello again!

After a long hiatus, I finally remembered to post here again! I really should use this more often, I'm always making characters and it's be nice to keep it concise. So here's some characters I made up the other day, I felt like messing with color palettes.

(Ordered from left to right)
-Mossy the sloth. no real personality or anything though of for him, not really my favorite one, but I liked it enough.
-Saffron the Springhaas/Spring Hare. She's a timid and gentle girl. She loves to play sports and socialize, but she's just modest about it. She's a very good jumper. This design I liked a lot.
-Greg G. Raff the Giraffe Weevil. not THIS one I had a lot of fun with. He's a private eye, but he only gets the boring jobs! Like spouses trying to see if the other is cheating. Poor guy.
-The last is Nikki the honey badger. She was more of a joke because I ran out of steam, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. She's just a beautiful young lady who likes to party and wants to be your BFFL!!

You can tell him and Saffron are my favorites, as I drew them again and tweaked the designs a bit. Anyway, that's all for now, I'll try to update the HUGE backlog of designs and pictures I've done of my OCs in the past few.. months or so.

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