Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adrian concept sketches

Hey what's this! A character concept page that isn't something old! Doodled these in my notebook at school today, after thinking of a new character.

His name is Squire Adrian, he's a Giant Fijian Longhorn Beetle. He is also, of course, a squire, which are something like a lnight's assistant. He's veeery proud of being a Squire, so much so that he's generally very snooty and up-tight about it.

I was thinking he'd be a great "Rival" for Nicolai, like an antagonist. For one, even upon meeting Nicolai, he is always scoffing at the fact that Nic is a "lowly" butler, and gloating about how his job is so much more important. He insists that he does WAY more for his knight than Nicolai will ever do for the Queen.

Also, of course, being a beetle, he has 4 arms, and is thus even more on a competitive level with Nicolai on who can multi-task the best.

I'm pretty proud of the design so far, I think. His final design for now is the one on the lower right, I am liking the square-tipped antenna for some reason. I still need a design for the knight, who will probably be a Hercules Beetle or something just as cool and tough. Also a good back story for why the Queen has decided to hire a knight. I'm thinking probably some trivial reason. I'm very pleased to have at least one insect character now, though!

Links I used:
-A real life image of a Giant Fijian Longhorn Beetle: http://www.zin.ru/animalia/coleoptera/images/sources/xixherfm.jpg
-A summary on the life and duties of a squire: http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/squires.htm

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  1. Anyone find it ironic that Nicolai's arch rival would turn out to be a bug? xD

    As for the knight thing, if we are going with Chivalry knights, then the whole point of having knights is to have someone to rule of a particular part of the land. Think of the Queen as the president, and the knights as a governors. Kind of like that except the Queen and knights can do whatever the hell they want. As for knights in modern times, it's just an honorary position. xD

    Anyways, I do like the design! I like how you put him in a little squire outfit! xD

    Though, I've been trying to create an insect character for ages, you beat me to it you little.... butler girl!