Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knight Beetle Concept Sketches

Another beetle design, this time, a Hercules Beetle! This is the knight that Squire Adrian works under. I'm most happy with the designs on the middle-left.

He's a little complicated so I might try to simplify him a little. The one dilemma I'm having is about the stripe between his eyes. Hercules beetles have this really cute yellow stripe there, and I like how it looks a lot, but I also want him to have that knight helmet...face-plate...thingy there on his head too. But it covers up the stripe and thus the stripe just clutters the face. I really like the helmet though! But the yellow stripe was going to match his back/wings (which were to be yellow, too). Maybe I'll make the helmet gold, and wings gold too? Decisions.

As for personality, I don't have much right now, except he's a very nice guy, unlike his squire. He will occasionally give Adrian a "Now, now, no need to look down on [X person]" scolding once in a while.

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  1. Yes, noble is the way to go. Maybe have some silly personality traits.