Friday, September 3, 2010

Character Bio: Nicolai C. Buntler

Nicolai C. Buntler

Nicolai (or just "Nic") is a butler bunny who works for Queen Bellebit. Nicolai knows no bounds when it comes to the job of butler-ing, and will do just about anything to please the Queen, sometimes trying a little TOO hard. Nicolai feels Queen Bellebit as an idol and savior. The tufts of fur on Nic's ears can be used as hands, making multitasking and reaching high places easier.

Nicolai is a dutiful and kind little bunny, who cares deeply about every friend. Nicolai also has a strange way of speaking, and will include many old-time phrases ("Aw golly!"), along with self-narration. Nicolai becomes neurotic if anything goes wrong in his job, and has a crippling abandonment complex that only makes it worse.

Nicolai's hobbies include being a butler, collecting bugs, and being an overall nerd. Nic lives in a servant's quarters next to the castle, and works almost every day. Nic's closest friend is Kuiper, whom has known Nicolai since childhood.


  1. That photo makes him look more badass than he really is. xD
    You forgot to mention that he could use his ears as hands. Kind of important considering he's the only character so far that has done it.