Monday, September 20, 2010

Plunky Vector Drawing

For a class assignment, I made a Plunky vector drawing in Flash. He's made up of a lot of movable parts, so it was tricky to get all the lines to match up. I'm still learning Flash but I think I did ok, following the process the teacher taught!
I'm not the most keen on animating in Flash with tweens and such, that future assignments will entail, but it'll be good practice for using the program. I'd like to be able to do nice frame-by-frame animation in it some day! If only Flash's vector tools weren't so annoying. We need a program like Flash with all the onion skin and cool time-line features, but with raster drawing tools instead. You either have to annoyingly Pen Tool everything, or bog down the program with way too many paintbrush strokes. I wonder if Toon Boom is any better for that, we'll be using that in class too sometime.


  1. Although, I doubt Plunky's tail would be the same color as his body, I do find this cute! I bet you impress your teachers with out stylistic you make your characters!


    platypi do indeed have fuzzy tails like the rest of their body!